HEVI Vessel Move

HEVI Vessel Moving

Western moved two 400,000 lbs vessels measuring 155′-6″ long and 10′-0″ diameter, with a 400 Ton capacity Hydraulic Gantry. The vessels were lifted off railcars and placed onto Goldhofer PST/SL-E (45) hydraulic trailers. The hydraulic trailers relocate the vessels from the rail siding into Hooper Welding’s facility in Hamilton, Ontario. Once in the facility, Western… Read more »

Frontier Reactor Heavy Lift

800 Ton Gantry Lift

Hooper Welding Enterprises is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels and alloy fabrication.  A 1.4 million pound reactor was fabricated at Hooper’s main facility in Oakville, Ontario for an oil refinery in El Dorado, Kansas. Logistically, moving a reactor approximately 130’-0” long, 14’-8” in diameter and 1.4 million lbs requires specialized… Read more »

Essalea Barn Relocation

Essalea Barn Relocation Project

Western was asked to relocate a A 140ft. by 96ft. barn across Hwy. 27 just north of Thornton, Ontario. The move stopped traffic on the highway for only 10 minutes as the structure crossed and travelled through a corn field.s