1600 Ton Blow Press Foundation

Blow Press Foundation Installation Western

Western successfully installed the foundation to a 1600 Ton Blow Press for the automotive industry under harsh time restrictions.  Both the press and foundation are idealized at the manufacturer’s ‘model’ equipment.  

Papermill Yankee Dryer Installation

Papermill Dryer Installation

Western was contracted to complete a removal and re-installation of a complete papermill in Toronto, Ontario. Included in this project was the moving of the new Yankee dryer. Due to its size and weight the dryer was brought in the side wall of the plant and skidded into the new mill.

Illinois Cement: Grinder Installation

Illinois Cement Grinder Project

Western was contracted by Humbolt-Wedag to move a new Loache Mill into place within the cement mill of Illinois Cement in Lasalle, Illinois. Western supplied the supervision and equipment to complete this project and with the assistance of the onsite millwrights, Western completed the move on a Sunday afternoon.