Western Heavy Lift Equipment

Dundas Street Bridge – Phase I Girder Installation

Dundas Street Bridge Construction by Western

The Dundas Street Bridge consists of five 200 ft. spans approximately 150 ft. above 16 Mile Creek in Oakville, Ontario. Because of the unique geometry of the new bridge, Western identified an innovative opportunity to cost effectively install the required 35 girders, which weighed as much as 200 ton. The gantry system used to install… Read more »

Credit River Railway Bridge

Credit River Railway Bridge Project

For the GO Transit’s Lakeshore West corridor (West Toronto, Ontario), track time has become more precious than ever as it handles more than 60,000 commuters every working day. With increasing ridership, GO transit planned to add a third track to the corridor. A potential bottleneck to the expansion was the Credit River Bridge, but Western… Read more »

Concord Cityplace Skybridge Lift and Installation

Concord Skybridge Lift

Western lifted the 328 tonnes Skybridge, which now connects the two tallest buildings in the Concord Cityplace development ‘Parade’ in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Billed as the world’s highest residence on a bridge, the structure was lifted from the ground to the 33rd to 36th floor using strand jacks housed in the penthouse of each building…. Read more »

CF-5 Aircraft Mounting Project

CF-5 Aircraft Mount

The Canadian Forces CF-5 Freedom Fighter was ordered by the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1968 as a tactical support aircraft in Canada, as well as being committed to NATO’s northern flank as a rapid deployment force. The 7.87m wingspan aircraft has a maximum speed of 1,575km/h and range of 1,400km. After 27 years of… Read more »

Bridge Jacking – King Road, Burlington

King Road Burlington Bridge Jacking Project

Western worked with the City of Burlington, CN Rail and other contractors to complete one of the largest ever bridge hydraulic jacking projects in Canada. The bridge in question weighed approximately 5 million pounds and was installed over a Thanksgiving weekend with minimal disruption to train and roadway traffic. In order to reduce friction forces… Read more »

Algoma Energy Turbine and Generator Installation

Algoma Energy Heavy Lift via Gantry

Western performed the offload from a barge and installation of a 464,000 lbs Steam Turbine and a 293,000 lbs Generator in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario using a gantry and strandjacks. The installation portion of this project was completed in three days including setup and teardown.  

Amaizeingly Green Process Upgrade

Amaizeingly Green Process Upgrade Heavy Lifting

Amaizeingly Green Products is a producer of agricultural and industrial products and is one of the largest natural fertilizer companies in Canada. Western’s scope of work was to install evaporators (at 105,000 lbs each), a condenser, structural steel, platforms and piping in process at the customer’s production facility in Collingwood, Ontario. This upgrade helped to… Read more »