Western Heavy Lift Equipment

Kootenay River Railway Bridge Span Replacements in Wasa, BC

Kootenay River Western Train Bridge Span Installation

In the Canadian Rockies, Western’s Heavy Lift Division replaced eight existing 70ft Half Deck Plate Girder (HDPG) bridge spans with eight new Through Plate Girder (TPG) bridge spans in coordination with SEMA Railway Structures.  The spans were replaced in eight time-blocks, including bearing seat upgrades, with no interference to railway traffic.  Western’s method of replacement… Read more »

Toronto West Diamond Grade Separation – Railway Bridge Slide Installation

Western Bridge Slide Stand Jacks

The Toronto West Diamond (TWD) is Canada’s busiest rail intersection. With GO commuter and CP freight lines running through the Junction Triangle it has become a corridor bottleneck for train traffic. Western’s Heavy Lift Division has completed the first two of four bridge installations for the rail-to-rail and rail-to-road grade separations, thereby eliminating the bottleneck. … Read more »

Ming Tomb Heavy Move – Royal Ontario Museum

Ming Tomb Western Heavy Move Project

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) required the relocation of the Ming Tomb complex and Guardian Lions as part of a $200 million renovation and expansion ‘Renaissance ROM Re-Development Project.’  The ROM identified and engaged Western as a firm with demonstrated experience and resources to provide heavy moving and relocation services for the various artefacts in… Read more »

Tembec Steam Turbine and Generator Installation

Tembec Steam Turbine and Generator Project

Tembec’s ongoing green energy projects include installing a cogeneration power facility at its operations in Temiscaming, Quebec. A 61.54 MW Steam Turbine and Generator were installed on a concrete pedestal thirty-five feet above ground. The 110 ton turbine and 105 ton generator were offloaded from railcars onto Western’s hydraulic trailers (SPMTs) and traveled approximately one… Read more »

Generator Loading Project

Generator Loading

Western loaded ta 350 ton turbine generator onto a waiting railcar in Concord, Ontario. The project involved rolling the generator from its storage location straight ahead to where a gantry could access it. Once the gantry lifted the generator, it was travelled and placed on a railcar then secured for transportation.  

Simcoe Street Tunnel Construction

Simcoe Street Tunnel Girders Project

Western was contracted by Soncin Construction to provide the formwork and rigging for the Simcoe Street Tunnel Project in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The formwork consisted of three forms for three different size girders, the largest of which is 4′-0″x4′-0’x 52′-0″ long, fabricated at Western’s Barrie facility. Western also supplied the rigging required to lift and… Read more »

Hwy 407 and Credit River Bridge Expansion

Highway 407 Credit River Bridge Expansion

Western was contracted by Belor Construction to supply the heavy lift services to install 42 precast concrete CPCI 1900 Girders on the Hwy 407 Bridge over the Credit River in Brampton, Ontario.  Only working one weekend, Western completed the installation of all 42 girders in 29 working hours.  

Highway 403 and Credit River Bridge Expansion

Highway 403 Credit River Girders

Western Mechanical provided a mobile overhead gantry, which was used to offload new concrete girders from transporters and place the new girders on the new bridge piers over the Credit River in Oakville, Ontario.

400 Ton Transformer Offload

400 Ton Transformer Offload

Western Mechanical was contracted to supply the engineered lifts of two transformers in Scarborough, Ontario each weighing approximately 400 tons. The transformers were delivered to the site by rail, offloaded and placed on a waiting transporter provided by Anderson Haulage of Stouffville, Ontario.