Thermal Imaging Equipment

Thermal Imaging Equipment

Western’s infrared inspection of your facility can provide you with valuable information on the condition of your equipment, which can in turn save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly repairs, downtime, dangerous failures resulting in fires or explosions and keep your machinery running at its optimum performance. An infrared inspection of an electrical… Read more »

Overhead Concrete Girder Gantry

Dundas Street Bridge Constrtuction

Travelling Hydraulic Gantry used to install concrete girders. The gantry uses the Model 22A, Two Point Hydraulic Gantry for lifting and travelling left and right. The Support Frame hydraulically travels forwards and backwards, which enable 6 degrees of travel. 400 Ton Overhead Concrete Girder Gantry Load Chart  

Strand Jacks

Goreway Generating Station

Strand Jacks are recognized as the most sophisticated lifting devices currently available. Strand Jack technology offers comprehensive control of a lift including: mechanical fail-safe gripping mechanisms, redistribution of load between jacks as required, extremely precise adjustment allowing for weld gaps, fitting and bolt connections, mechanically, not hydraulically, the load is held when movement stops, load… Read more »

Railway Span Replacement Gantry

Montmagny Quebec Railroad Bridge Span Replacement

Western has developed a unique, new method of Rapid Bridge Replacement for railroad bridges. By ‘launching’ each bridge span using a gantry system, Western is able to replace each span on a bridge in minimal time, minimal impact to the site and zero impact to the environment.  The system has been proven effective on multiple… Read more »

Jack and Slide

GO Transit Pedestrian Tunnel

Hydraulic skidding system used to relocate equipment or structures (e.g. bridges) with overhead or access obstructions.

Goldhofer PST/SL-E Trailers

HEVI Vessel Transport Trailers

Powered hydrostatic driven tractor module (PST or SPMT), electronically steered and hydraulically levelled. Trailers come with 490HP or 210HP diesel power packs. These trailers are capable of normal drive, transverse, diagonal and carousel steering and other additional steering modes with the push of a button. Infinite configurations to suite any transportation project. Goldhofer PST SL-E… Read more »