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Rapid Bridge Replacement featured in Daily Commercial News

Western’s proprietary rapid bridge replacement system and method was recently the focus of an article in Daily Commercial News. Our system, which has now been deployed upwards of 10 times across Canada is getting rave reviews from our customers who are able to save significant time and money with relatively minimal disruption to train schedules.

Quebec railway bridge span replacement

Toronto Skybridge Lift Video

An excellent overview video detailing the installation of a unique Skybridge between two condominium towers in downtown Toronto, Ontario in July 2012. As many in the video indicate, this project presented several challenges.

Western’s Heavy Lifting Division played a monumental role in the design and execution of this lift, which required a combination of innovation, precision and attention to detail in order to ensure success. Western has become quite adept at the effective use of Strand Jacks for this type of lift.

Rapid Bridge Replacement for CN Rail in Oba, Northern Ontario

Western’s Heavy Lifting Division recently completed another rapid bridge replacement project for CN over the Pichogen River northwest of Timmins, Ontario utilizing an overhead gantry specially designed by Western for these types of projects.

This time-lapse video shows the replacement of one of three spans, which were completed through the night in three separate shifts to minimize disruption of the busy railway schedule.

Lifting and Moving Heavy Reactors

Western’s Heavy Lift Division has established a solid partnership and working relationship with H.E.V.I. (Hooper Engineered Vessels International) of Hamilton, Ontario for heavy transport and lifting projects.



Most recently we helped with the successful moving and lifting of eight (8) WGS reactors onto a cargo ship just outside H.E.V.I.’s dockside facility, which are destined for a state of the art gasification/power plant facility in the southern US.

Our Goldhofer trailer was used to move each vessel, which weighed in at 240,000 lbs a piece.


Helping Build a Brewery in Muskoka, Ontario

Western was recently involved in the construction of the new Muskoka Brewery in Bracebridge, Ontario. During the six month project, which was recorded in the awesome timelapse video below, Western’s Millwright Division was responsible for the removal and transport of the old tanks, vessels and packaging lines as well as the offloading and reinstalling of all of the new equipment including eight new fermentation vessels standing 20 feet high and capable of producing 100,000 hectolitres of beer per year.

Cheers to another successful project and happy customer.

CN Railway Bridge Span Replacement Project in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue near Montreal

The final of three railway bridge spans over the Ottawa River was installed for CN this past weekend. A Goldhofer trailer (SPMT) was used to transport the 900,000 lb span, which was then moved to site via specially designed railcars and a Western Overhead Gantry equipped with Strandjacks. The new spans include elements designed to mitigate the noise associated with the vibration of the bridge when trains cross. Western’s heavy lifting division, led by Rob Doucet, is pleased to report the the successful completion of this project on time and on budget with minimal disruption to CN’s busy train schedules or the day-to-day schedules of Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue residents.

Saint Anne de Bellevue Train Bridge Span Replacement

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Another Rapid Train Bridge Span Replacement in Quebec

Below is a fantastic time-lapse video of a rapid train bridge span replacement project in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec on August 12, 2012 using a specially-built overhead gantry system designed by Western’s Millwright division. This system ensures minimal interference with strict CN train schedules and allows for projects to be delivered effectively, on-time and on-budget.

The entire project involved the replacement of three spans in total. Contractors included Western Mechanical, AECOM, Mammoet Cranes, Echafaudages Plus and RailTran Services.

Find out more about this rapid bridge replacement project here.

Removing “Big Becky” from the Niagara Tunnel

This massive 18-month removal project required careful, intricate planning and multiple pieces of equipment including a modified jack-and-slide, several cranes and a platform trailer equipped with 160 tires capable of carrying equipment weighing in excess of 500,000 pounds through a relatively narrow, 10 km long tunnel. A Daily Commercial News article was written, featuring our Millwright Division, recapping and detailing our work removing the Niagara Tunnel Boring Machine aka (TBM) aka “Big Becky” as part of the Niagara Tunnel Project .

Niagara Tunnel Boring Machine Project Western

Additional Niagara Tunnel project details here.

Completion of Burlington’s King Road Underpass Project

With the help of Western’s Millwright division, the City of Burlington’s reached a significant milestone within the King Road Underpass project, that calls for the installation of an underpass at a busy rail crossing. More than 100 trains, both freight and commuter, pass through this location in one day. Over the Thanksgiving weekend a 2,400-tonne (5,000,000 pound) concrete underpass built onsite was moved under the four railway lines using a unique system of hydraulic jack and slide cylinders.

King Road Burlington Bridge Jacking Project

Western worked with the City of Burlington, CN Rail and other contractors to complete one of the largest ever bridge hydraulic jacking projects in Canada. The bridge in question weighed approximately 5 million pounds and was installed over Thanksgiving weekend with minimal disruption to train and roadway traffic. In order to reduce friction forces and enable minimal equipment, an air system was installed, which literally lifted the bridge 0.25″ off the ground and released the tunnel from the concrete form below.

Click here for more info and a project gallery.


Rapid Train Bridge Span Replacement in Quebec

Western’s Millwright Division has developed a unique, new method of Rapid Bridge Replacement for railroad bridges. By “launching” each bridge span using an overhead gantry crane system, Western was able to replace each span on a bridge in Montmagny, Quebec in less than 3.5 hours. Western’s method introduces tremendous cost savings compared to alternative installation methods. The speed of the method used allows for the replacement of bridge spans within strict railroad time blocks without obstructions to the train schedules.

Montmagny Quebec Railroad Bridge Span Replacement

Rapid Bridge Span Replacement additional project details.