CAMI Press Repair Project

I want to let the management of both Western Mechanical and Barrie Welding know I fully appreciate their efforts in a difficult work environment and a very difficult repair at CAMI during October-December last year.

In the past year I have worked with six contractors on press projects ranging from installing scrap conveyors to robots to installing presses. I have not worked with a contractor that has the machining capability like this.

Your employees were the best I have worked alongside during this period. Evidence of this was apparent whenever we came across a challenge such as removing the front left eccentric that was locked up, to coming up with ideas on how to prevent a failure like this occurring in the future and trucking components in at very early hours of the morning on weekends. Another trait that was shown was taking the time to understand the best course of action to remove and install components.

There are many examples of going beyond the reasonable expectations such as going to Oshawa to get load cells in the early morning, to having Barrie Welding sticking a guy in a truck to deliver a Hy-Torq during Toronto rush hour and always keeping ahead of the assembly process by making sure the millwrights had the tools and parts necessary.

Nothing fazed you and you were always able to find ways to get work done.


Glen Gray, P.Eng
General Motors Corporation

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